๐Ÿฆ„Getting Started

If you have any questions, please do not DM anyone. Admins will never message you. A moderator or admin will assist you in the main chat. Do not click links, never give anyone access to your wallet!

Application Link: https://gumball.gg

To Begin

Start by acquiring at least 1 full $GUM token from app.uniswap.org or Opensea. (Secondary market)

Contract Address - $GUM: coming soon.

  • Download MetaMask: Visit MetaMask.io and download the MetaMask extension for your browser. Itโ€™s available for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge.

  • Secure Your Seed Phrase: Upon setting up your wallet, youโ€™ll receive a seed phrase. This is a series of words that act as a master key to your wallet. Write it down and keep it in a secure location โ€“ never share it online.

  • Get Ready to Trade: With your wallet set up, you can now interact with DEXs like Uniswap. To trade $GUM tokens, you'll need Ethereum (ETH) for transactions. Add $GUM to your MetaMask by entering the tokenโ€™s contract address (available on gumball.gg).

  • Visit Uniswap: Go to Uniswap and connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking on 'Connect to a Wallet' and selecting MetaMask.

  • Trade: Once connected, you can trade ETH for $GUM. Simply select ETH as your input and add $GUM as your output by pasting the contract address. Enter the amount and confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

Once you have at least 1 full $GUM token, you will have an NFT minted to your wallet.

Do not interact with the NFT you get directly, only use gumball.gg

Minting/Revealing Gumballs

To use the gumball on our application, you must claim it first from the Gumball Machine! To get started, visit gumball.gg and navigate to the "Gumball Machine" tab.

At this stage, you'll be able to see where to reveal. Make sure you connect your wallet before use! If you have the blank NFT present in your wallet, you can press the "MINT" button, and confirm the transaction. If the transaction is prompting you to pay a super high gas fee, reject the transaction. This error could be due to many reasons, most commonly being: You are not connected to the application with your wallet or you do not have a blank gumball NFT yet. Ask for help in our main telegram community chat if issues persist.

Once you have minted your new NFT, you can go back to the home page and view all of your minted useable gumballs. You're ready to play!

Note: Minting the Gumball NFT costs your $GUM token. The $GUM token will be removed from your wallet, and a permanent NFT that represents your Gumball will be sent to you.

During the first season of Gumball Machine only, traits and visual appearance of gumballs do not necessarily have a particular "use" or added value. Every gumball is effectively just as valuable as the next. All gumballs have different chances and drop tables in terms of ETH or Item rewards. In the future, rarities and/or tiers may play a larger role.

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