🔮$GUM Token

$GUM | A unique utility token designed to power an ecosystem.

$GUM is our ecosystem's token, inspired by the unofficial ERC404 token standard. It was launched on Uniswap V3, and has a 1% pool fee that drives rewards and supports growth for the project. You can acknowledge this token as a normal tradeable ERC20 token. You can buy and sell on Uniswap, keep your slippage near 0% or auto. (Decreases frontrun risk)

Note: The $GUM Project works differently compared to other 404 utility projects, with a mixture of onchain and offchain functionality.

  1. When you acquire at least 1 $GUM token, you will be given a blank gumball NFT. This NFT is minted directly to your wallet when you reach the 1 Gumball threshold, and every 1 $GUM thereafter. To use the gumball on our application, you must reveal its traits. To get started, visit gumball.gg and navigate to the "Gumball Machine" tab.

  2. The price to mint a gumball will always be 1 $GUM token.

  3. When you roll for your gumball's traits on our application, it permanently locks in the visual appearance, similar to an NFT reveal. This 2 step process to reveal each gumball is necessary.

  4. When you sell the ERC20 $GUM, it burns any NFT associated with that token. If you sell the NFT on Opensea, the NFT and the associated $GUM token will be transferred to the new owner. Each singular $GUM token is tethered to an NFT, and vise versa.

🎱 Rewards

Users open gumballs anticipating a number of things in return. In the future, utility for Gumballs will continue to expand to suit the needs of a growing player base. During season one, the Gumball Machine uses collected $GUM from players and collected ETH from UNI-V3 Pool Fees to simply payout rewards for interacting with the ecosystem. The Uniswap Pool fee is 1%, so about 1% on every transaction is converted to ETH and sent to our treasury wallet. It then is manually split into a house wallet and a revenue wallet. This season, only ETH payouts from the house wallet will be available to win through opening gumballs. In the future, we plan on creating a full gamified ecosystem with many items and rewards that can come from Gumballs. The utility for $GUM will expand over time!

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