Frequently asked questions.

Is $GUM a token or a NFT?

$GUM is a token and NFT hybrid. The "ERC404" token standard, a popular similar token standard, allows for deep liquidity with NFTs while transacting with either the token or the NFT itself. Gumball effectively works the same way. When you have at least 1 $GUM token in your wallet, 1 Gumball NFT is minted to your wallet, and is tethered to that singular token. So, $GUM is both a token and an NFT.

Where can I see my Gumball NFT?

You'll be able to see your Gumballs on gumball.gg or on Opensea. Make sure you reveal your Gumball on gumball.gg before viewing, otherwise the traits won't show.

Was there a presale or private sale?

No. $GUM did not undergo any crowdfunding and did not perform any token sales prior to launch on Uniswap. There are no "investors".

When do you expect to have the $GUM ecosystem fully built?

It's important to understand that everything we're building comes from scratch. Creating things like this takes time. Our initial utility will be live shortly.

Locking $GUM Liquidity Pool?

Depending on the time you're viewing this documentation, the team may be in the process of locking liquidity in Unicrypt. There are several LPs that need to be locked, and these pools provide liquidity across price ranges, from zero to infinity. They will each be locked for 1 year.

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